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When we started Bear Martial Arts in 2012 we were just a bunch of martial artists who wanted to get their hands on some of the cool weapons and equipment you see in the movies ...the stuff that got us excited about martial arts in the first place. So we decided to set up shop - if we want it, others may too.

We don't take ourselves too seriously as you can tell by our Bear we have as our mascot.

As we got started we realised how much information and interesting stuff there is out there for martial artists, so we decided to start collating it all and put it in one place. This way other martial artists and enthusiasts can immerse themselves in all the crazy stuff whenever they wanted.

Whether you are looking to find out more about your current or a new martial art, or connect with other martial artists, it's all right here at Bear Martial Arts.

Between us we have trained and qualified in various martial arts from Aikido to Kung Fu to MMA but what we all have in common is a passion for the Arts, so if there is anything that you think we are missing, or that you really want to know about drop us a line and we will happily respond. We might even include it on our site to share with others.

We have grown our site trying to make it as useful to both new and seasoned martial arts enthusiasts. We try and collect as much information as possible about what is happening in the world of martial arts in terms of events and clubs as well as provide information for people who may be interested in starting out or switching martial arts. We hope you enjoy our world of everything martial-artsy and please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to stay up to date with new stuff that we are constantly adding. 

The Bear Martial Arts Team

PS We have a soft spot for bears so have a look at our initiative to support our favourite bear charity - Hauser Bears

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