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Bear Martial Arts Website Goes Live


 Thank you for finding us, and thank you for visiting our site. For those of you who are new to the Bear Martial Arts  brand, let us first tell you a little about who we are and what we do.

 Our aim (or mission statement if you like corporate terms) is to

  • Be a hub of everything to do with martial arts
  • Provide you with information about the various arts
  • Help you sift through the 1000s of films and books that are related to the genre and find the ones worth         watching / reading
  • Supply you with all the martial arts toys you have ever wanted
  • Help you find a club in your local area so you can start training in the art you always wanted to learn

 We will do this through our Bear Martial Arts brand, the various graphics for which you will find on pretty much every  page on our website. We will be releasing branded items through our online store, so if you like the bear then keep a  look out for those, as they will be in our store very soon.

 As well as our website (which you have found as you are reading this article) you can interact with the Bear Martial  Arts brand on both Facebook and Twitter. To visit either of those simply click on the links on the right hand side of  this page, or go to or find us on Twitter @BearMartialArts. 

 Today we have made live our online store, with a select few items going on sale today. Over the coming weeks we  will be making more items live on the store, including a vast array of martial arts weapons, training items, clothing, as  well as Bear Martial Arts branded items. Announcements will be made through all our digital channels, so please  keep an eye out for those.

 The whole store is not open today, as we are testing the site to make sure that it all works (techie stuff). The items in  store now are in stock and ready for purchase, and will be joined by other cool toys and items over the next few  weeks.  

 We have excellent links with suppliers in both the UK and China, so if there is ANYTHING that you want, please let  us know by email, as there is a very good chance that we can get it for you. 

 Our site is brand new and always under review, so if you have any comments please let us know on Facebook,  Twitter or by emailing us There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved and to be  published on our site. You ca write film reviews, book reviews, blogs, or even write an article for our Martial Arts  Styles section. If that interests you please get in touch!

 Thank you again for visiting. We hope you like the site, and we look forward to speaking to you all very soon.


 The Bear Martial Arts Team 




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