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Self-Defence Weaponry Gone Mad

 Our blog looking at the home defence kit consisting of a bedside table which turned into a bat and shield prompted a  large number of emails in our inbox, with lots of you keen to show us your favourite innovative defensive weapons.  We thought that we would compile a list of some of our favourite from the emails for your enjoyment here.


 The Wedding Ring Knuckle Duster 

 Want to get your future wife the perfect ring that combines both elegance, beauty and the ability to knock-out a  would-be attacker? Well here it is, the perfect gift for your loved one. And as an added bonus, your future wife gets 4  wedding rings for the price of 1!


 Wolverine Blades 

 Available from Amazon, these blades genuinely scare us! Perfect for any X-Men fans out there, or anyone who just  wants to really, REALLY scare people around them in public. 


 Fine China Knuckle Dusters 

 Presumably not designed for usage beyond one strike, these knuckle dusters offer a lot more sophistication and  charm than your average brass set. 


 Knuckle Duster Taser 

 Amazingly these are available from Amazon. Supposedly delivering 950,000 Volts (a figure which we are yet to  confirm as accurate, and have our doubts about) these knuckle dusters will be hard to beat.  


 Apache Revolver 

 Developed in the early 1900s, this has to be our favourite from the emails we received. This item is a knife, revolver  and set of knuckle dusters all in one, providing you with a weapon for (nearly) every occasion.  


 If you have a personal favourite that is not listed here, please email it to and if we like it  we will post it on our site. 



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