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Top Five Reasons That Define the Symbiotic Relationship between Martial Arts and Self-Defense

Top Five Reasons That Define the Symbiotic Relationship between Martial Arts and Self-Defense

The term “martial arts” holds within its name two seemingly contradictory aspects of human endeavor: war and art. Known to have originated in the legendary Shaolin Temples of Ancient China through the introduction of Indian yoga, the intrigue arises from the knowledge that monks, hailed as epitomes of non-violence, were the harbingers of this tradition. Since its inception as Shaolin Kung Fu, the centuries have witnessed numerous variations in the development and evolution of this art, giving rise to the Japanese Karate and Kendo, the Korean Taekwondo, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to name only a few. They have survived the transience of time to educate cultures worldwide in the art of self-defense. While connoisseurs of the art claim that the underlying objective behind self-defense and martial arts are essentially different, these two have developed a unique symbiotic relationship over the years, leading up to the present times. Here is the info Martial Tribes brings forth for your immediate wisdom.


  • ·Increased awareness

Martial arts, irrespective of form, entails a gradual strengthening of both mind and body inculcated through rigorous routines in meditation and self-discipline. The resultant improvement in concentration and focus and the heightened awareness of one’s surroundings are the foundations on which self-defense is built. Tai Chi’s deceptively slow, dance-like movements teach defense through a surrender to the opponent’s attacks. By allowing oneself to flow around the obstacle, one becomes aware of the opponent’s movements, thereby succeeding in redirecting the energy back to the attacker.

  • ·Improved health

Most martial art forms are physically demanding and comprises meticulous workouts of the various body parts. Taekwondo through its intense routine of strikes, punches, and kicks helps develop stamina, strength, and flexibility while the meditation-in-motion Tai Chi, is a guaranteed anxiety and stress buster upon regular practice.

  • ·Self-confidence

The very act of attending martial arts classes, overcoming inhibitions, and participating in combats is enough to tame the flurry of butterflies in the stomach and sow confidence in its stead. A confident, self-aware individual is least likely to be the target of victim mongers and will also, undoubtedly, fare better in his daily dealings than his less fortunate brethren.

  • ·An interest in the ancient arts

An increased interest in the martial arts, out of the need for self-defense, has led to the revival of many forms that would have otherwise disappeared with time. The Indian Kalaripayattu, recognized as the antecedent to all martial art forms, is being resurrected once again by enthusiasts who are keen on acquiring war skills from this cultural and historical shrine.

  • ·Invention of new forms

Human beings are creatures of invention and creativity; therefore, when interests in self-defense and the ancient warfare merge together, we get spectacular phenomena like Filipino fighting, the Brazilian Capoeira, Japanese Zen Archery, and a potpourri of forms that we now recognize as Mixed Martial Arts.

An artistic passion towards these warfare techniques of the past has resulted in an incredible cultural exchange across the world, whereby the Japanese Judo has become one of the prominent sports of the Czech Republic and the English Bartitsu reached the East. Although individual objective behind learning a martial art form is varied, the undeniable liaison between its self-defense trainability and enticing historical past is what keeps these cultural capsules alive through ages.


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