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Art of War (Sun Tzu)


 The Book in a Nutshell

 Written over 2000 years ago, The Art of War is an ancient Chinese text written by a high ranking military general (Sun  Tzu).  

 The book details military strategy, divided into 13 chapters / aspects of war. Sun Tzu talks about positioning, tactics,  deception, use of weapons, and many other aspects if military conflict. The 13 aspects / chapters are:

  1. Laying Plans
  2. Waging War
  3. Attack by Stratagem
  4. Tactical Dispositions
  5. Energy
  6. Weak Points and Strong
  7. Maneuvering
  8. Variation of Tactics
  9. The Army on the March
  10. Terrain
  11. The Nine Situations
  12. The Attack by Fire
  13. The Use of Spies 
 A free online version of the book can be found at:


 In Summary

 A bit difficult to read in parts, but this is a literacy masterpiece, and there is a very good reason why it is still widely  read over 2000 years after it was written. 

 Many aspects of the book are still used in military strategy today, and there are many parts of the books that anyone  can take into their every day lives. So many things in the book will give you food for thought, and it is simply one of  those books that you have to read.


 Rating: 5/5

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 Author: The Bear Martial Arts 

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