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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)



 Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, Ziyi Zhang, Chang Cheng



 Ang Lee 


 The Story in a Nutshell

 When a magical and sacred jade sword is stolen a quest begins for its recovery. The film's hero Master Li (played by  the legendary Yun-Fat Chow) is a master Wudang swordsman who had recently given the sword away as a gift,  decides to recover it, aided by his "love interest" and another Wudang master Yu Shu Lien (played by Michelle  Yeoh). 

 The quest for the sword begins across incredible ancient Chinese landscapes, with Master Li encountering a desert  bandit Lo (played by Chang Chen) in his way.


 Martial Arts Styles Used

 Kung Fu


 Weapons Used

 Chinese Sword, Saber, Chinese Broadsword, Chinese Spear, Hook Sword


 In Summary

 This is a true martial arts classic and a must see for anyone who loves martial arts. The performances from Yun-Fat  Chow, Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang are all perfect, the ancient Chinese setting is incredible and the martial arts  scenes are simply breathtaking.

 The film will have you gripped from the start, and we can all but guarantee that you will want to learn Kung Fu by the  end!


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 Rating: 5/5

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 Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team 

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