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Hitman (1998)



 Jet Li, Eric Tsang, Simon Yam



 Wei Tung


 The Story in a Nutshell

 Two hitmen (one a veteran and the other new to the job) work together to track down the "King of Killers" in order to  claim a large reward.


 Martial Arts Styles Used

 Kung Fu


 Weapons Used

 Guns (various), Katana


 In Summary

 Here we find a very young-looking Jet Li in a role which involves as much comedy as it does martial arts, and it's a  role that Li pulls off very well.

 This film shows that it's a shame that Jet Li has not done more action comedies in his career, but maybe that is  because he didn't want to go down the Jackie Chan route and damage his martial arts credentials with too many  comedy roles.

 The film is low key good solid action with some very funny moments inbetween. The chemistry between Jet Li and  Eric Tsang is very good, and there are some great comedic moments between them during the film.

 The action sequences are very well done, with a no real physics-defying kung fu. This gives the fight scenes more of  a real feeling, and we get to see Jet Li in action without as much wire and special effects, which is a treat for any Jet  Li fan. 


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 Rating: 3/5

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 Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team 

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