Bear Martial Arts

Karate Kid Part II, The (1986)



 Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita



 John G. Avildsen


 The Story in a Nutshell

 Part II picks up straight after Part I. On learning that his father is ill, Miyagi travels back to his home village of  Okinawa in Japan. Accompanied by Daniel, Miyagi travels back and discovers that his old rival still holds a grudge  over a love-feud.


 Martial Arts Styles Used



 Weapons Used



 In Summary

 In its own right this is a good film, and captures a lot of the aspects of Part 1 that we all loved. This is helped by  keeping together Macchio and Morita, who are great together once again.

 One enjoyable aspect of Part II is the focus on Miyagi. We learn a lot more about his past and his character, as he  picks up his relationship with his old flame where it left off when he left Japan. We also see him in action a lot more,  which is something every Karate Kid fan wants.

 Sequels are rarely as good as their originals, and despite having the same great cast, this film falls a little short of  Part 1. 


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 Rating: 3/5

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