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Karate Kid Part III, The (1989)



 Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Robyn Lively



 John G. Avildsen


 The Story in a Nutshell

 A year after the first film, Kreese (the evil Karate school instructor from Part 1) is in ruin after his school was  defeated by Miyagi and Daniel in Part 1. He meets up with an old army buddy who is also a martial arts expert, and  also a successful businessman. Together they vow to take revenge on Miyagi and Daniel.


 Martial Arts Styles Used



 Weapons Used



 In Summary

 Part III has the same great cast as Part I and Part II, but the rehashing of old story lines and bad guys is  disappointing. 

 Kreese's buddy Terry Silver seems to have too much time to spend plotting revenge over a Karate tournament for a  multi-millionaire businessman. You would have thought he would have better and more important things to do, but  apparently not. 

 Despite its corny dialogue, you can't help but watch this film because of your love for the characters and the series.  This is the last film that we see Daniel and Miyagi together, but it is a disappointing end to what is a classic and cult  set of films with the original cast. 


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 Rating: 2/5



 Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team

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