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Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)



 Jet Li, Biao Yuen, Donnie Yen



 Hark Tsui


 The Story in a Nutshell

 The sequel to Once Upon A Time In China, we find ourselves in 19th century Canton again with Master Wong Fei-  Hung and Aunt Yee.

 The White Lotus Society are a fanatical cult causing problems, trying to drive out the western invasion. Wong must  use his Kung Fu once again to defend his country and the people he loves. 


 Martial Arts Styles Used

 Kung Fu


 Weapons Used

 Chinese Broadsword, Fan, Rope / Cloth Staff, Staff, Guns (various), Umbrella, Chinese Spear


 In Summary

 Jet Li is back as Master Wong, and Li, Donnie Yen and director Hark Tsui do not disappoint in this thrilling second  instalment of the trilogy.

 This film offers more fantastic fight scenes, more badly dubbed English characters, and more awkward moments  between Wong and Aunt Yee as they slowly accept that they are in love. 

 The fight scene between Wong and the head of The White Lotus is classic Li and it is worth watching the entire film  for this scene alone. The end scene between Wong and Commander Lan (Donnie Yen) is also an excellently shot  fight sequence, with two martial arts greats doing what they do best.

 Another great film with Master Wong. 


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 Rating: 4/5

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 Author: The Bear Martial Arts Team 

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