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Tora Black Belt Academy


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Training Locations and Times

Monday: Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre, Coatbridge ML5 5BF North Lanarkshire: 6:30pm - 7:30pm 

Monday: The Safety Zone Comm. Centre, Bargeddie G69 7SN Glasgow: 7pm - 8pm

Tuesday: Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre, Coatbridge ML5 5BF, North Lanarkshire: 6:15pm - 7:15pm

Wednesday: Glenboig Masonic Hall, ML5 2QT, North Lanarkshire: 7pm - 8pm 

Wednesday: St Margaret's Church, Airdrie, ML6 6AW, North Lanarkshire: 6:30pm - 7:30pm 

Thursday: The Safety Zone Comm. Centre, Bargeddie, G69 7SN, Glasgow: 7pm - 8pm 

Thursday: St Margaret's Church, Airdrie, ML6 6AW, North Lanarkshire: 6:30pm - 7:30pm 

Friday: St.Andrews Church Hall, Bellshill,  ML4 3DU, North Lanarkshire: 7pm - 8pm 

Friday: Hozier Street, Whifflet, Coatbridge,  ML5 4DB, North Lanarkshire: 7pm - 8pm 

Saturday: Townhead Parish Church Hall, Coatbridge,  ML5 2LG, North Lanarkshire: 10am - 11am 

Sunday: Glenboig Masonic Hall, Glenboig, ML5 2QT, North Lanarkshire: 6pm - 7pm 


Additional Information

What style of karate do we do?: Muteki (we also study self defence).

What to wear?: Start off with jogging bottoms and t-shirt then if you like it, you can buy your karate gi. 

Tiny Ninjas are ages 2 till their 5th birthday. We know how hard it is to concentrate when you are this young so we don’t expect too much from the student. We do expect them to be respectful and to behave in the Dojo. Tiny Ninjas are usually taught by the High Grade Tiger Cubs or Junior Coaches. We find that kids learn faster from other kids as its more like play than a lesson.  

Gradings are: white belt with up to 4 red tabs, Red and white belt, white and red belt and then red belt. The red belt grading is the same as a Tiger Cub grading Tiger Cubs are from ages 5 till their 9th Birthday.

Tiger cubs are expected to learn faster than Tiny Ninjas and they too must learn respect and how to behave in a Dojo. The respect badge is the first badge they will work on. Tiger cubs can grade up to Purple belt and can earn the roll of Official Leader. To get this they must achieve the grade of Green belt and have a respect badge.  

Gradings are: (between each belt there is a grading of up to 2 black tabs)  White belt and up to 2 black tabs, Red Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, and Green Belt, Purple Belt, purple and black, blue and red, red and black Tiger Cubs can achieve a Black & Red Belt but this is very exceptional Juniors are age of 9 till their 16th Birthday. They are expected to concentrate more as they go through the grades. Again they have to work on their respect badge first. And they are given more responsibility within the club.

After they have achieved their green belt they will begin work  on the Tora Black Belt Academy Junior Coaching levels, there are 7 of these stages and it helps them to become  more responsible as well as help them in their own karate style. Teaching helps them to improve in their own practice.  

Gradings are: (between each belt there is a grading of up to 2 white tabs) White belt,  Red belt, Yellow belt, Orange  belt, Green belt, Green & Blue belt, Blue belt, Brown & White belt, Brown belt, Brown & Black belt, Black Belt or (Junior Sho Dan – Ho) Adults: (16 & above)1st grade; 7th kyu Red Belt, 2nd grade; 6th kyu Yellow belt, 3rd grade; 5th kyu Orange belt, 4th grade; 4th kyu Green Belt, 5th grade; 3rd Kyu Purple belt 2nd kyu Blue belt, 6th grade; 1st kyu Brown Belt, 7th grade; Shodan-Ho Black, 8th grade; Shodan Black, 9th grade; Nidan Black, 10th grade; Sandan  Black, 11th grade; Yondan Black, 12th grade; Godan ‘Master’

All members under the age of 16 can achieve different  badges such as stance, front kick, side kick, etc. There is also a badge for the members who learn to do the splits; this is called the ‘splits club’. Badges are worn on the arm depending on which type of badge it is. The respect badge can only be archived if the member is repectful at home, school as well as in the dojo and has to get a card signed every week from home, school and dojo. The badge can also be removed at any time by a parent or by a sensei if the member is disrespectful at Home, School or Dojo.  

The association rules forbid any member to have contact with illegal drugs. Random drug testing (SALIVA DRUG TESTS) are randomly done for all members over the age of 13 years old.

Prices: Badges are free but are £3.50 if they are to be replaced. Tab gradings are £10 and coloured belt gradings are £14. Black Belt Gradings are £35 and must be archived at either summer or winter schools.





Tel: 07949896881 

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