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We all wish that we could quit our jobs, and live our lives as a martial artist full time. Wouldn't it be great if we could all be like Bruce Lee and train every day?



Unfortunately our jobs and commitments get in the way of this dream, but don't despair! Here at Bear Martial Arts we have the solution. Enter the world of The Secret Martial Artist.....

Each week we will bring you a brand new exercise to help with your martial arts that you can do at work, no matter where you are. Some of them you can do alone in a quiet part of the office, some you can do right in front of your colleagues and they won't even know you are doing it!

By training at work you can get fitter even faster than you would if you just went to class, meaning you can impress your instructor, classmates or students with the speed of your improvements.

Don't let your job get in the way of your dream of training every day!

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  • The Secret Martial Artist Part 6

    Chair Dips

    Make use of a quiet moment and use your chair to tone your arms. If you hear someone coming you can be back in your chair in no time at all.


    1. Stand up with your chair behind you
    2. Grab the edge of the chair, and lower yourself down using your arms, as slow as you can
    3. Do 15 repetitions
    4. Be careful if your chair has wheels!

  • The Secret Martial Artist Part 5

    Water Bottle Weights

    You don’t need to bring gym kit into work to lift weights. With 1 litre of water weighing 1kg, a simple full water bottle can be used just as if you were in the gym.


    1. Sit straight with your abs held in tight
    2. Hold your water bottle in one hand and curl it up towards your shoulder
    3. Repeat 15 times
    4. Change hands
    The great thing about this is that anything you do in the gym with dumb bells you can repeat at your desk.

  • The Secret Martial Artist Part 4

    Day-To-Day Improvements

    There are many simple things you can do around the office and too and from work to get in a few minutes more of exercise every day, without your colleagues ever realising.


    1. Use the stairs not the lift
    2. Get your daily intake of water at your desk every day
    3. Park further from the office and walk in
    4. Cycle / walk to work
    5. Visit colleagues and don’t email them
    6. Walk faster everywhere
    7. Practice good posture at your desk and even when standing

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